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Sports Conditioning -A Runfitter Training Focus for You!

Speed - Agility - Quickness - Power
The need to change direction, avoid an opponent , chase down a shot, throw or strike is present in many sports across the board.
SAQ drills and power development will heighten skills you already have and display them more effectively.

The athlete's stability and muscle coordination will be challenged as well, and will lead to a reduction of injury to the joints and muscle tissue and better his/her ability to generate power.

Runfitter Programs Adapt to the Sport!!

Specialized Weight Training

Each program will have elements of resistance training designed for the athlete in his/her running sport.
Track & Field, Distance Running, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis and many other sports can be conditioned for through my programming.

Monthly Programs are Price-Scalable.

Cost is adjusted for the amount of one-on-one sessions
and location of the training.

Coach Tony is also available to his clients via phone and e-mail throughout the training period.

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Meet Coach Tony and get some knowledge about your current fitness and some ideas on how to improve, for both sport and health.