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Runfitter Training  and the Student/Athlete

As a Personal Trainer and Coach I have seen the effects of our modern, easy lifestyle taking its' toll on our health.

The incidence of over-weight and diabetes is effecting nearly 30% of the adult population. Even more frightening is the rapid increase of same among pre-teens and teens.

The importance of physical activity in attempting to control this near epidemic can't be overstated. Therefore the sports programs in the schools and in clubs are a big part of that solution.

Teacher/Coaches are, however, many times very restricted in the time they can spend with their teams. Those kids make a team and can continue to progress are those with inherent attributes.

But I am concerned about the child who has the desire but needs just a few more tools to develop their potential to the fullest. Those that do not may "drop out" of athletics and likely not return to an active lifestyle for 25 years, after they realize some of the simplest tasks are becoming physically demanding!
I invite any school official, coach or parent who may be interested in learning more about Runfitter Training to contact me. If you have a student seeking to build his/her athletic skills, I would be delighted to speak to you also. I will travel to sites in a 20 mile radius around Antioch, California.
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Tony Salinaro is a certified Run Coach and Personal Trainer who has worked with all levels of athletes at all ages.

He wants to give you the tools he has found to be useful in keeping an active, healthy lifestyle and running as a sport for a lifetime!

Completing nine marathons, Coach Tony has been an age division competitive runner since finding this sport at 40 years old! He had been the President of Island City Runners for several years and has experience with the Team in Training program and his own groups.